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Find out from this article why people opt for bottled water over tap water. How will this habit affect our environment?

17 July 2016

Indira, the Bengal tiger, had tests before possible surgery for her failing eyesight. What are the pros and cons of saving endangered species?

13 July 2016

Students of a primary school got a chance to design their new school. How would you like to have your say in your school community?

03 June 2016

A strong and memorable password helps protect our online accounts.  What are some of the dumb passwords that we should avoid?

27 May 2016

Robots are taking over some of the tasks currently carried out by medical staff. Will robots totally replace medical staff one day?

20 May 2016

A new study of global sleep patterns found that Australians have the earliest bedtime of any country. What are some social and cultural factors that contribute to different sleep patterns around the world?

16 May 2016

Sony recently filed a patent for a smart contact lens. Find out what smart contact lenses can do from this article.

04 May 2016

Geologist Erin Matchan’s research has given an insight in establishing the age of extinct volcanoes. What significant role does this research play in forecasting future activity of volcanoes?

07 May 2016

We always know that the brain is like a computer that controls the body’s functions. Have you ever wondered the body also controls and can change the brain?

19 April 2016

The author learns something about money management from playing with Lego. Find out from this article why budgeting is an important life skill.

27 April 2016

Damian and Anthony each has a successful doughnut business. What do you think are the factors contributing to their success?

11 April 2016

Coral bleaching is a major environmental issue. What is coral bleaching? Why is it a warning sign to us?

18 April 2016

Australia Post is trialling the use of remotely piloted drones to deliver parcels. What do you think of drone technology?

15 April 2016

Seven Australian frog species are close to extinction. What has caused this to happen, and what can we do to prevent animal extinction?

11 April 2016

Have you ever wondered the living habits of owls in urban areas? Find out from this article on how scientists track these cryptic birds of prey.

18 April 2016

Contactless payments are on the rise. Can you think of any advantages of contactless payments when compared to paying in cash?

15 April 2016

In this article we’ve seen Joanna work her way up to having her very own business doing something she really loves. Think about things that you love to do, how do you think you could turn these things into a job in the future?

04 April 2016

What methods do you think scammers and crooks use get access to our personal information in order to contact us? How do you think we could be more careful with our information to stop this happening?

03 February 2016

Can you think of any reasons why building a castle in an area where it stands out so vividly would be a bad idea?

06 April 2016

Can you think of both positive and negative outcomes from building an artificial lagoon in areas of low water availability?

24 March 2016

We can see from the article that Sevelyn’s pictures going viral helped her get her dream holiday. Can you think of ways in which going viral might be a bad thing?

29 March 2016

If the labelling standards are changed, how do you think this will affect free range farmers who have been abiding by the current standards up to now?

28 March 2016

Biological secrets, If it’s possible for science to one day bring a resolve to limb regeneration, do you think the Mexican Walking fish could bring a resolve to another human medical issue? (Could translucent skin help?)

08 March 2016

What are some things you and your family could do to lower your carbon footprint to help this issue?

14 March 2016

How do you think deforestation affects the planet? What do you think are the positives and negatives of companies using certified palm oil?

03 March 2016

Think about gender stereotypes, have you ever felt that something was considered “only for girls” or “only for boys”? Why?

07 March 2016

Can you think of any difficult situations that robots might be able to help humans overcome?

03 March 2016

Do you think that social media could be used as a support platform for people with disabilities? Why do you think it was good for raingoose to have a tattoo that shows others she has a disability?

01 March 2016

If you could build your very own robot, what function would you give it that could be helpful in everyday life? What materials and objects from around your home and in the classroom would you use to build it?

25 February 2016

Like analog photography, can you think of other old methods of doing things that have become popular again?
Can you think of the main differences between digital photography and analog photography?

01 March 2016

Can you think of any other animals that have an ability that would be useful for humans?

17 February 2016

What negative effects do you think sugar might have on your body?

23 February 2016

What effect would it have on humans if we ate polluted fish?

17 February 2016

Can you think of other ways your school could make the difference to the world?

14 February 2016

Should every company be forced to use the health star rating system on their packages so consumers make informed choices about what to buy?

14 February 2016

What other daily activities do you think you can turn into a creative art form?

16 February 2016

Discuss in class the risks and the benefits of getting involved in a clinical research study such as a human trial.

09 February 2016

What message does this move by the Turnbull government tell Australia and the world about this country’s contribution to climate changes?

04 February 2016

Do you think there are any other man-made inventions, like ships, that affect animals in their natural habitat?

02 February 2016

Have you ever seen a sports player you watch break a sports code of conduct, how did you feel about this?

01 February 2016

Humans are usually so quick to kill a spider. Is it right or wrong to kill any spider that crosses paths with a human?

25 January 2016

Do you think that dogs have adapted over time to be able to understand and even replicate human emotions? Why do you think this might be?

13 January 2016

Do you think we should read food labels or should we trust the products being sold to us?

14 January 2016

Should a shark that attacks a human be hunted and killed? Why or why not?

14 January 2016

As well as the emergency changes put in place by a red alert, how else could Beijing reduce pollution levels?

08 December 2015

With so many different charities to support, why do you think Zuckerberg chose to set up the The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and donate this way?

02 December 2015

Why are libraries a great place to run the eSafe Spaces cyber bullying complaints initiative?

04 December 2015

What would your first reaction be if you encountered this creature at home? How are lizards portrayed through film and fiction?

03 December 2015

Think about the old family pictures you have seen, what are the main differences that you can notice besides the smile?

27 November 2015

Should compost companies be allowed to locate anywhere within a community? What sorts of businesses would you prefer not to have next to your school?

29 November 2015

Do you think entrepreneur challenges of this kind should be sponsored by the government?

29 November 2015

What kind of measures do you think companies should take in order to avoid environmental disasters?

29 November 2015

Why do you think that Susan Carland has been subject to so many negative tweets?

13 November 2015

How do you decide how much time is too much time on a device? Should Australia bring in a law to help limit screen time for children?

21 November 2015

In what ways is digital technology helping to solve some local and global problems?

22 November 2015

How have you or your friends/family persevered to get through a difficult situation, as Ethan did?

22 November 2015

Why would snake bites be more common in summer months? What situations do you need to be especially careful of?

14 November 2015

Why is lighting up prominent buildings a nice way show support for the people of France? What other positive ways can people show their feelings in times of mourning?

14 November 2015

What are some of the benefits of computers being able to recognise faces?

13 November 2015

Do you think everyone will want to get a jetpack? What obstacles will need to be overcome in order to make it a popular product?

12 November 2015

Dream up your classroom of the future. What might a classroom look like in the year 2050?

06 November 2015

What makes for a brilliant children’s book? Who are your favourite authors and why?

07 November 2015

What suggested actions can people take to slow climate change?

09 November 2015

05 November 2015

Why was Michelle Payne’s victory important for all Australians?

04 November 2015

Should beautiful trees be allowed to stay if they are making people sick?

03 November 2015

Should governments be allowed to pay for movie and television scripts to be written in a particular way?

03 November 2015

How should “Pre-eminent” Australians be honoured?

02 November 2015

If aliens are out there, do you think they would be friendly or foe?

01 November 2015

A look at innovative approaches to fingerprint technology.

27 October 2015